On Tap


Vanilla Cream Honey Ale

ABV 5.3% | 24 IBU
*Contains Wheat, Lactose

An ale inspired by Bienenstich, aka German Bee Sting Cake. The cake is two layers of a dense yeast cake with a vanilla cream frosting/custard/filling in between and topped with a honey and almond mixture.

The beer is a light-colored ale brewed with honey, and lactose (milk sugar), and aged on whole, sliced vanilla beans. We used Vienna malt with its sweet, bready, biscuity, honey, and almond flavor notes along with a puffed wheat malt (as well as the pilsner malt) to create the cake base. The toasted oat malt with its rich nutty character is intended to emulate the caramelized almonds in the honey glaze on top of the cake.

The lactose that went into the boil teamed up with real vanilla beans once the beer was clarified and carbonated to provide the vanilla filling component. The generous quantity of honey of course satisfied the honey glaze/topping which is central to the cake’s namesake.

Finally, even the flavor profiles of the hop varieties that were chosen play into the overall cake and beer flavors – Ariana has berry and some citrus aspects to it, while Mandarina Bavaria is a tangerine machine with distinct sweetness, used with the hope that it could amplify the orange blossom honey flavor.

Aromatics from all the main components listed can be found in the nose of Bee Sting. The sweetness from the malt, honey, and vanilla is most pronounced but there’s also a cream aroma tying it all together.

A light-bodied and clean malt profile with a bright but restrained sweetness and a subtle nutty smoothness allows the delicate flavors of vanilla and honey to be gently experienced; all this with a delicate hop finish.

Abeiter Brewing Oktoberfest Marzen Lager


Märzen Lager

ABV 5.6% | 24 IBU

This moderately strong, rich, and malty yet highly drinkable lager style was traditionally brewed in Bavaria in the month March (März or Märzen in German) and allowed to rest, or lager, in cool caves all summer long to be enjoyed in the fall. Before modern brewing equipment, much less refrigeration, the summer months were simply too warm to properly brew lager biers, so they had to brew a lot of beer through the winter and spring to get them through to the fall when temperatures cooled to allow brewing to commence again. Since they already had this Märzenbier on hand in the fall, they began serving it at very early occurrences of the annual celebration of the royal wedding that eventually became the Oktoberfest many of us are familiar with today.

A pronounced caramel/honey sweetness atop the classic malty aroma of fresh bread.

A full richness of malt up front transitions seamlessly to a subtle graininess with a hint of noble hop spice.


Imperial Stout

ABV 12.6% | 58 IBU | *Contains Wheat

An intense, boozy, strong stout with notes of chocolate, raisin, and espresso.

A tropical fruit explosion of fresh mango and passion fruit with clean and lactic acidity.

A very clean and welcoming yet strong tartness blends seamlessly with fresh tropical and citrus fruit flavors.


IPA w/ Pineapple Puree

ABV 7.5% | 36 IBU |
*Contains Wheat & Lactose

Sultana was the lone hop chosen for this beer as it is insanely pineapple-forward. In fact, during primary fermentation, the beer smelled like it already had pineapple puree in it!

Pineapple Jam is moderately sweet, with a nice light hop bitterness, and has a creamy smooth body. It’s a pineapple lover’s delight!

Fresh-squeezed pineapple juice with rich hop oil aromas.

Thanks to the generous use of lactose, a creamy body nurtures a lovely balance of pineapple sweetness and tartness with the perfect amount of hop bitterness and subtle pine hop flavor.


Acid Factory Tropical Sour Ale

ABV 6.7% | 28 IBU | *Contains Wheat

The latest in our Acid Factory series, Tropical A.F. We dosed this strong sour ale with Curuba, Passion Fruit, and Mango for that citrusy tropical goodness.

Fruit-forward with a scrumptious grainy, crackery grain finish. Think a big boy Berlinerweisse that’s been fruited up.

A tropical fruit explosion of fresh mango and passion fruit with clean and lactic acidity.

A very clean and welcoming yet strong tartness blends seamlessly with fresh tropical and citrus fruit flavors.



ABV 4.5% | 30 IBU | *Contains Wheat | *Gluten Reduced

A collab of sorts we brought in a friend of the brewery to whip up a sessionable hazy-style ale. We wanted to brew a lower ABV hazy that was also gluten-reduced. We decided to borrow an element from German lager/Cold IPA brewing and decoct this mash to provide some perception of maltiness. We wanted a tropical hop profile so we made use of the German-grown Solero. We also used US-grown Calypso hops which are a unique and beautiful medley of tropical and melon notes, along with hints of apple and/or pear.

Solero is a new, German-grown hop variety that expresses a “clean” tropical fruit profile of mango and passion fruit, noble-like grassy notes may also be detected.

Lastly, we used, “Zappa™, it’s a native, North American, Humulus lupulus variety, neomexicanus, recovered from the wild in New Mexico. Named after Frank Zappa, in collaboration with the Zappa family, this hop is as counterculture as the musician himself.” Zappa also exhibits mango and passion fruit elements but additionally offers citrus, pine, even, and mint.

Unique and complex aromas of, in no particular order, ripe pineapple, honeydew, pine, pear, herbal wood notes … the list could go on and on!

The flavor follows from the nose, complex and varied hop flavors atop a light body, yet with a sensation of fullness, with a clean finish.


Cold IPA

ABV 7.6% | 66 IBU |

Our latest take on the cold IPA, brewed with classic American “C” hops for a nostalgic hop profile in a fresh format. Bright, brilliant, crisp, and best of all — HOPPY! If you love hops but need a break from the sticky, resinous malt bill you’ll find in many hoppy beers, the Cold IPA is the beer for you. The Cold Classic is the beer for you!

Grapefruit and orange citrus with some lush tropical notes of guava and passionfruit.

Clean hop flavors of sweetened grapefruit, peach, and passionfruit, with a hint of resinous pungency on the finish.

Non-Alcoholic Mango IPL


N.A. India Pale Lager w/ Mango

ABV <.5% | 53 IBU | *Contains Wheat

A hophead’s jam right here! In-your-face hops using Mandarina Bavaria and the Sequoia Hop Blend. We

Hop aromas overtake most of the profile but slight mango aromas lay beneath.

Hop-forward IPA with some citrus and earthy hop resins notes. The subtle mango flavors make way for the fruit to re-introducing body to this N.A. beer.


Hoppy Lager

ABV 5.6% | 64 IBU

Crispi Summer is made with Centennial, Solero, and Zappa hops resulting in a citrusy and piney hoppy lager. All the best parts of an IPA but with a light, crushable body!

Ripe mango with fresh pine needle aromas dominate, with lemon/lime-citrus and freshly cut grass notes in the background.

Clean piney hop flavor up front with a surprisingly light body, lemony citrus flavor on a very clean finish. 



ABV 5.0% | 50 IBU

Tangerine Dream in the sun shining steam! This citrusy IPL is a thirst-quenching heat beater and a patio pounder! Slightly hoppy, an

When you’re packing up to hit the beach you never forget the essentials. Sunscreen, an umbrella, a towel, and a cooler filled with Arbeiter’s newest beer, Aqua Socks. Aqua Socks pays homage to the greatest water shoe of the modern era, and nothing compliments the beach like The Aquasock or the beer, Aqua Socks.  

Aqua Socks pilsner is loaded up with Kazbek Hops and Belgian Pilsner malt resulting in the thirst-quenching, sun-defying, lemony and hoppy beer of the summer you can’t wait to try!

Bright grassy/herbal spiciness with some lemon oil notes

A very crisp, clean, and predominant noble hoppiness of herbal spice with an enveloping citrus oiliness and just the right amount of malt sweetness.


Seltzer — Gluten Free!

ABV 5.2%

The sweet, anti-oxidant, berry of the mighty pomegranate blended with lime to brighten up the overall flavor results in a crushable seltzer for all you ‘Seltzy-heads”!   

Berry and lime

Pomegranate fruit that has a zip of lime to brighten up the overall flavor. 


Dip Hopped Black IPA

ABV 6.9% | 69 IBU

Our dip hopped Black IPA (IT’S A CASCADIAN DARK ALE!) has a hop-roast-hop flavor rollercoaster of pungent piney hops and clean, fresh-brewed coffee-like malt roastiness. We teamed up with some other southside breweries to create a fun collab idea and to keep us connected as friends!

A lovely and “classic” Cascadian Dark Ale nose composed of piney hops and roasted malt  

A hop-roast-hop flavor rollercoaster of pungent piney hops and clean, fresh-brewed coffee-like malt roastiness. 


Northern German Pilsener

ABV 4.9% | 38 IBU

This pilsener slaps so hard, it’ll make you
laugh. Haha Pils is our flagship pilsener.
Haha Pils is the cleaner and more hop-

forward pale lager you’ve been looking for.

Brewed in the Northern German tradition
(thus the spelling with the extra “e” as
opposed to “pilsner”), Haha Pils is cleaner
tasting and more hop-forward than it’s
maltier brethren from deeper within the
European continent. Our pilsener is brewed
using the highest quality German pilsner
malt and mashing techniques to ensure a
clean and crisp malt profile. A perfectly
complex hop profile containing earthy,
grassy, hay, wildflower, and spicy fresh
herbs demand your attention and make
you wonder why your glass is already empty.

Balance of clean grain huskiness and floral hoppiness.

Clean malt profile from top to bottom; hop flavors are a mix of floral and hay with a hint of herbal spiciness.


Westcoast-Style “Bavarican” IPA

ABV 6.9% | 72 IBU

West Coast meets Hallertau (hop growing region in Germany)! Westküst finds its way as a West Coast American IPA by enlisting a full array of German-sourced hops and malts.

We call it, “Bavarican”, because Westküst achieves an American IPA flavor profile by enlisting a full array of German-sourced ingredients. The blend of German-grown hop varieties employed provides a unique but familiar flavor profile that includes citrus, resinous, grassy, and some fresh herbal notes; not unlike what would be found in a traditionally made American IPA.


German Blonde Ale

ABV 5.4% | 18 IBU

A beer for the people! A beer designed for those who are looking for just “beer”, as well as those looking for a palate refresher in-between hop, sweet, or sour bombs. 

It’s the perfect first and last beer of your session. It’s light and balanced, with a restrained cracker-like malt profile and a hind of noble hop character

Light fruity pear-like aroma.

Delicate sweet malty flavors with fruity ester notes from the yeast, all followed by a clean finish.