On Tap



Release Date: January 24

Imperial Stout aged in Blanton’s Bourbon Barrels

ABV 12.6% | 58 IBU |

This is Foundation #2 for our second anniversary! Keeping the tradition going from our first anniversary barrel-aged imperial stout, we decided to level up from Buffalo Trace barrels to Blanton’s barrels when our brewer realized he could get his hands on this tough-to-come-by and very special wood.

Complexity of big, rich, deep aromas including dark cacao, rustic oak, toffee, vanilla, and dark cherry that welcome you upon first waft.

Rich dark chocolate, blackberry, and oak notes are prominent; complimented by a very satisfying warmth from the alcohol content. There is still a fluffy smoothness that these extra special barrels impart on the flavor profile – an indescribable characteristic – it’s just simply delicious. Like most big and complex imperial stouts, these flavors will become more pronounced and deeper as the beer warms.


Release Date: January 25

Scottish-style Strong Ale aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels.

ABV 9.9% | 43 IBU |

Our brewer wanted to push the boundaries of his house German ale yeast strain with this strong Scottish style beer. Typically, a Scottish or English yeast strain that produces more esters would be chosen for such a malt-forward, UK-origin beer style. We pitched a lot of our German ale yeast and allowed the fermentation to reach temperatures considerably greater than we would normally allow when making our German ales and hazy IPAs; the greater the fermentation temps, typically, the greater the ester character for all yeasts.

Taking a page from and a nod to his second-to-none barrel-aging education at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, brewer Aaron put this strong, malt-forward beer in the Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels to impart the unique and magical silky toffee and vanilla notes that only Buffalo Trace barrels can lend. 

Initially, three bourbon barrels worth of Wee Heavy were laid to rest, with the plan that all three barrels would eventually be blended together to create Decadence. However, not all plans unfold as predicted… There was one barrel that was exceptionally richer than the other two – for whatever reasons, it took on a much more complex barrel character of vanilla, toffee, and oak and was deemed special enough to serve as its own beer – so we offer you Wee Heavier.

Bright fruit aromas of fig or prune and freshly made English toffee are all melded with caramel/vanilla/oak aromas from the bourbon barrel. 

Big caramel and toffee flavors with hearty toasted raisin bread notes with the smooth vanilla oaky warmth from the barrel – all together on a rich yet silky body.


Release Date: January 26

Chocolate Pecan Wee Heavy aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels

ABV 9.9% | 43 IBU |

An idea literally years in the making, Decadence is a beer version of our Brewer, Aaron Herman’s, favorite pie. A chocolate bourbon pecan pie that his mom has been making for the holiday season for years. He fell in love with the rich and sweet pecan pie while at the same time also taking studious notes from his mentor at Town Hall. Yes, he’s been wanting to create this beer since before he was even involved with Arbeiter.

Layers upon layers of nutty, chocolatey, vanilla, oaky, caramel, toffee, and figgy aromas.

Flavors of toasted pecan, rich chocolate, warm vanilla, and smooth bourbon-barrel-toffee/oak… just like Aaron’s mom’s decadent pie!


Release Date: January 27

Brett Imperial Pilsner w/Plums in Sovereign Estate Wine Barrels

ABV 9.2% | 51 IBU |

We aged our imperial pilsner from last year’s anniversary in a Marquette grape wine barrel acquired from The Wintery at Sovereign Estate in Waconia, MN. Upon sampling the beer after a relatively short aging period, we discovered a very complex and intense flavor profile consisting of fruity, tannic, woody, earthy, and funky notes from the introduction of Brettanomyces.

After visiting the upcoming Botany BrewFarm we had an idea with how we could make our Beer even better. Botany has a plum tree on the grounds and it was in full ripeness. Wanting to add some sweetness to the beer and wanting to work with Joe Alton, we instigated the collaboration. We enlisted the help of industry friend Abi Conner and harvested many, many “shirtfulls” of the crabapple-sized plums and added them to the beer. Being the first collaboration with and for Botany BrewFarm we felt it apropos to name this beer Botany. Fun fact, Abi Conner also created the watercolor painting of the plums featured on the label!

A sweet fruity nose of grape and plum along with the bright and sweet malt aromas reminiscent of honey and pear mingles with an earthy, woody, tannic funkiness. Noble hop aromas of grass, hay, and wildflower from the Hallertau Mittelfruh is faint in the background.

Big and bold, sweet and tannic, clean but also funky, with an oak finish… the flavor profile of Botany reflects the complexity of its ingredients while still resulting in greater than the sum of its parts. 


Release Date: January 27

Korean Rice Lager

ABV 4.8% | 11 IBU |

Tokki was created to celebrate The Year of the Rabbit. Tokki is the Korean word for rabbit. This beer also honors the Korean heritage of one of our co-founders. This is especially significant as Arbeiter Brewing represents one of only 2% of Asian-owned breweries in the United States.

This lager was brewed with a high percentage of rice which lends to its lean body, light color, and subtle sweetness in flavor. It was also delicately hopped with a blend of noble hop varieties.

Light fruitiness and delicate floral hops float upon a very subtle aroma of cooked white rice.

A light and crisp mingling of crackery pilsner malt and nuanced cooked white rice along with a kiss of floral grassiness from the noble hop blend.


Best Buds THC Seltzer

THC Seltzer

THC 5.0mg/serving | 16 oz can

For To-Go Sales Only

Let’s be buds, Best Buds! Not only is this our first THC seltzer, but this is also our first 16oz can ever! We’ll spare you the stoner talk and get right to the facts. We used 100% organic mango puree and kept Best Buds light and refreshing!  A perfect beverage for taking care of projects or relaxing at the end of the day.

Need the official deets? Check out the test results Here!



Sour Ale w/ Persimmon, Baobab, Mango, and Pineapple

ABV 6.9% | 30 IBU

“Utilizing knowledge passed down from previous generations to facilitate exponential upward advancement and stability for our current and future generations.” — Black Brewers Podcast

Frequency Shift is our Black History collaboration with the Black Brewers Podcast.

The guys wanted to make a very fruity kettle sour with some unique flavors – we thought about African fruits and landed on baobab and persimmon. The baobab tree, known as both the Tree of Africa and the Tree of Life, produces a hand-sized green fruit that has a tangy-citrus flavor. As it turns out, the fruit can enhance health benefits including being high in antioxidants, a vegan source of calcium, and having more potassium per serving than bananas! Persimmon is a tree fruit related to date plums that looks like an orange tomato and has a sweet and tangy flavor that can be reminiscent of peach or apricot. To enhance these special fruit flavors and their unique applications in the brewing process, we decided to use a combination of mango and pineapple in primary fermentation which in fact deepened the sweet, citrus, and tangy fruit flavors. 

A smooth sweet fruity aroma reminiscent of a mango creamsicle.

The citrus tanginess from the baobab and pineapple gets along beautifully with the lactic tartness while characteristics of melon and almost-vanilla-like-creaminess add depth and complexity.


Strong Pale Ale

ABV 6.0% | 33 IBU

Cartwheel Fireworks is the first commercially available beer made with HS17752, an experimental hop variety from Hopsteiner!

It all started when the Arbeiter crew was invited by Single Hill Brewing of Yakima, WA to participate in their Hop Rodeo competition during the 2022 hop harvest. While touring hop yards and gathering freshly kilned hops for our beer at Single Hill we were fortunate to stumble upon an extremely new hop variety, HS17752, bred by Nicholi Pitta of Hopsteiner. At one point when describing the hop, Nicholi referred to things that are new, exciting, and trendy as “Cartwheel Fireworks”. We all laughed at the time but when it came time to name the beer we knew exactly what to call it.

A veritable menagerie of hop aromas running the gamut from tropical to noble. Tropical notes including but not limited to pineapple and mango, noble grassiness, and clean pine.

Tropical melon-like, stone fruit, and very fresh-cut grassy flavors are all carried by a moderate mouthfeel from the oats, alcohol, and hops, with a dry finish.


N.A. Coffee Stout

ABV <.5% | 23 IBU |
*Contains Wheat/Caffeine

A collaboration with our neighbors at Wildflyer Coffee – we worked with Wildflyer to create a unique Arbeiter Blend of coffee that not only went into the stout, but that we will also be selling as bagged coffee while the coffee stout is available

A great beer for the Twin Cities and for the beautiful Winter weather!

The roasty aroma really comes through on the NA version of this stout.

Both roastiness from the coffee beans and the malt are most pronounced. It’s like an elevated cold press and would probably be pretty delicious on ice!



ABV 5.0% | 41 IBU

A historic style originating in the Rhineland
region in Northern Germany – specifically the town of Dusseldorf, Alt (meaning “old”) is a nuanced and delicate ale brewed like a lager. Esters from ale yeast are absent; light and sweet, almost nutty malt flavors are balanced by just enough noble hop bitterness to make a well-made Alt a lovely sessionable brew. Our Altbier is light-bodied and clean with a bit of hop bitterness.

Very slight and pleasant burnt caramel with hop spice, and some darker dried fruit aromas like raisin, or date. Gently toasted biscuit or bready malt aromas.

Equal balance of toffee malt sweetness and clean hop bitterness; dry finish of biscuit-like malt with a pleasant herbal hop bite. 


Hard Seltzer

ABV 5.8% | 0 IBU *Gluten Free

A crisp and clear seltzer pack with peach flavor! Made with peach puree and love.




Dip-Hopped Sour Ale

ABV 4.4% | 24 IBU

We wanted to impart a tropical and juicy hop flavor into a sour ale using hops, naturally, we dip hopped a kettle sour!

Calypso hops have a tropical/pear/melon profile and Sultana hops have a strong pineapple profile and they seemed like a good choice to get those juicy and fruity flavors flowing with the tartness. However, care was taken so as not to over-bitter the delicateness of the beer.

Clean, bright, and tart aroma with a pleasant earthy/grassy/herbal hoppy note.

An interesting menagerie of tartness, fruit, and a gentle bitterness flavor that mingles up-front. Over-ripe pineapple flavors dominate the profile and a lively carbonation level contributes to the overall excitement.


Winter Warmer

ABV 6.3% | 33 IBU

Pfeffernüsse means “pepper nut” in German; the spice mix is similar to a gingerbread or even pumpkin pie blend but has the distinct addition of black pepper. 

This winter warmer uses plenty of rye and a unique pfeffernüsse spice blend to make a slightly boozy amber ale that is all about being comfy and cozy on a cold winter eve.

A mix of cinnamon, allspice, and caramel malt, with some “sharper” spice notes on the edge (think black pepper, clove, star anise).

A black pepper pop mid sip amid flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, with a sweet caramel malt finish. You can also detect hints of star anise and ginger.



ABV 4.5% | 22 IBU

Winterzeit is a pale German-style lager, not to be confused with amber lagers in the style of Märzen/Oktoberfest. Despite the lower alcohol content, it stands tall on a blended base of bright German Pilsener and bready German Munich malts with delicately balanced floral hop notes, a great, long-lasting white head, and a moderately full body. It shares traits similar to Helles and Maibock.

Freshly baked bread with a warming molasses spiciness.

Crisp yet rich bready mouthfeel on a blend of brown sugar, rye and molasses. Spicy and sweet; dry, yet full. 



ABV 4.9% | 24 IBU *Contains Wheat

Schwarzbier is arguably one of the hardest styles to brew. It is very dark brown to black in color; the source of dark color in beer is roasted malts which, naturally, in part roasted flavors. A Schwarzbier should arguably have NO roasted flavors! Nacht Rider is brewed in the Bavarian Schwarzbier tradition, showcasing Munich malt flavors with a medium but smooth body.

Lightly roasted coffee beans, baker’s chocolate, freshly made caramel.

Clean and smooth caramel/toffee, dark bread, and light roast coffee flavors. Some say the mark of a very well-made schwarzbier is that if you close your eyes, it shouldn’t taste like you’re drinking a dark beer.

Nacht Rider


Coffee Stout

ABV 4.8% | 23 IBU
*Contains Wheat and Caffeine

A collaboration with our neighbors at Wildflyer Coffee – we worked with Wildflyer to create a unique Arbeiter Blend of coffee that not only went into the stout, but that we will also be selling as bagged coffee while the coffee stout is available

A great beer for the Twin Cities and for the beautiful Fall weather!

Woody/tobacco/cigar roast coffee aromas atop bakers chocolate notes with a hint of caramel sweetness.

Earthy coffee and dark chocolate flavors blend together ahead of a balanced bittersweet finish.


Coffee Stout on Nitro

ABV 4.8% | 23 IBU
*Contains Wheat and Caffeine

A collaboration with our neighbors at Wildflyer Coffee – we worked with Wildflyer to create a unique Arbeiter Blend of coffee that not only went into the stout, but that we will also be selling as bagged coffee while the coffee stout is available

A great beer for the Twin Cities and for the beautiful Fall weather!

Woody/tobacco/cigar roast coffee aromas atop bakers chocolate notes with a hint of caramel sweetness.

Earthy coffee and dark chocolate flavors blend together ahead of a balanced bittersweet finish.


Northern German Pilsener

ABV 4.9% | 38 IBU

This pilsener slaps so hard, it’ll make you
laugh. Haha Pils is our flagship pilsener.
Haha Pils is the cleaner and more hop-

forward pale lager you’ve been looking for.

Brewed in the Northern German tradition
(thus the spelling with the extra “e” as
opposed to “pilsner”), Haha Pils is cleaner
tasting and more hop-forward than it’s
maltier brethren from deeper within the
European continent. Our pilsener is brewed
using the highest quality German pilsner
malt and mashing techniques to ensure a
clean and crisp malt profile. A perfectly
complex hop profile containing earthy,
grassy, hay, wildflower, and spicy fresh
herbs demand your attention and make
you wonder why your glass is already empty.

Balance of clean grain huskiness and floral hoppiness.

Clean malt profile from top to bottom; hop flavors are a mix of floral and hay with a hint of herbal spiciness.


Westcoast-Style “Bavarican” IPA

ABV 6.9% | 72 IBU

West Coast meets Hallertau (hop growing region in Germany)! Westküst finds its way as a West Coast American IPA by enlisting a full array of German-sourced hops and malts.

We call it, “Bavarican”, because Westküst achieves an American IPA flavor profile by enlisting a full array of German-sourced ingredients. The blend of German-grown hop varieties employed provides a unique but familiar flavor profile that includes citrus, resinous, grassy, and some fresh herbal notes; not unlike what would be found in a traditionally made American IPA.


German Blonde Ale

ABV 5.4% | 18 IBU

A beer for the people! A beer designed for those who are looking for just “beer”, as well as those looking for a palate refresher in-between hop, sweet, or sour bombs. 

It’s the perfect first and last beer of your session. It’s light and balanced, with a restrained cracker-like malt profile and a hind of noble hop character

Light fruity pear-like aroma.

Delicate sweet malty flavors with fruity ester notes from the yeast, all followed by a clean finish.