On Tap


Hazy IPA

ABV 6.6% | 29 IBU | Contains Wheat

Tropical and citrus hazy India pale ale

Name – inspired the late great Sidney Poitier and his work in the critically acclaimed A Raisin In The Sun.

Taste – inspired by our Tropic Dust and Haunted Haze, this is a new iteration of our brewer’s hazy style.

INGREDIENTS: American pale and wheat malts, malted and flaked oats; American Azacca and El Dorado hops; New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops; German ale yeast

Nostalgic hop aromas of orange and pine, along with tangerine, lemon, mango, and other tropical aA menagerie of tropical aromatics including pineapple, mango, and papaya,  along with some orchard fruit like pear, even some honeydew-like notes..

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet Many of the same fruits from the aroma can be found in the flavor profile, along with hints of peach and pine. The body is smooth and carries the “style standard” hop intensity.

Arbeiter Brewing Dip Check


Dip-Hopped Cold IPA

ABV 6.7% | 65 IBU

We’re in the “State of Hockey” we had to have a hockey pun. Dip Check Cold IPA will leave you in the boards seeing (north) stars on your very first sip. Dip Check is Arbeiter’s 4th Cold IPA, and to our knowledge the FIRST dip-hopped cold IPA…ever. Dip Check is also our best Cold IPA yet. Let the controversial call of whether Cold IPA is a real style or not continue to rage on, but remember, you’ll get five for fighting.

Similar to an India Pale Lager but uses an adjunct lager grain bill that includes rice. Cold IPAs also use both lagering and ale temps while conditioning. The output is brilliantly clear and yellow.

A way to potentially maximize bio-transformation in hops. Hops are added to an empty fermenter with wort added mid boil. This also retains hop aroma while reducing bitterness.

Nostalgic hop aromas of orange and pine, along with tangerine, lemon, mango, and other tropical aromas.

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet Crisp, clean bitterness with the notable hop “roundness”/”fullness” that dip hopping is proving to impart on the finished beer. Resinous pineapple and tangerine hop flavors finish clean thanks to the light-bodied elements of a cold IPA.


Non-Alcoholic Mocha Stout

ABV 0% | 20 IBU

**This non-alcoholic beer was made with a special process from our friends at ABV Technologies that strips the alcohol from the beer itself**

The removal of alcohol knocks the perceived sweetness down since the alcohol in a way acts kind of like salt in cooking – you might not taste it directly, but it indeed adds to the overall flavor of the finished product; that product is not the same without it!

Contains lactose, caffeine


Subdued and pleasant candied orange hop Bold and boozy aromas of chocolate-covered raisin Medium roast coffee with woody/tobacco/cigar notes in the aroma.

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet Intense semi-sweet chocolate, date, and prune fA drier stout on the front end reminiscent of a 90% Cacao chocolate bar that finishes slightly sweeter with ample roastiness and a hint of coffee.


Imperial Stout

ABV 12.6% | 58 IBU

An intense, boozy, strong stout with notes of chocolate, raisin, and espresso.

Moneymaker is the big daddy to our Side Hustle Milk Stout. Both beers we born of the same brew day but there was so much worth going around, we made two beers from it.

Arbeiter’s BIGGEST beer yet! 


Subdued and pleasant candied orange hop Bold and boozy aromas of chocolate-covered raisin with underlying roasted malt and cocoa.

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet Intense semi-sweet chocolate, date, and prune flavors with a lovely finish of chocolate-covered espresso bean. As an imperial stout should, the sip is very warming with alcohol.

Arbeiter Vienna Lager



ABV 4.8% | 23 IBU

For our third installment in the Collaborative Lager Series, we teamed up with one of the best lager brewers in the state in Niko Tonks, of Fair State Brewing. Wanting to play around with decocting some more, we set out to make a hybrid “pils/helles/fest” type beer.

Our light-gold lager started looking a bit more like a light-amber lager, enough to the point where we were comfortable calling it Vienna Lager. This beer has comparable bitterness and alcohol to a more traditional Vienna lager, but is drier and lighter in color, drinking a bit like a toasty pilsener! Doing things a little different is part of what collaborations are all about!


Subdued and pleasant candied orange hop aromas from the Diamant hops override the soft biscuity malt aromas.

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet Nuanced and gentle malt sweetness enrobed with a restrained but distinctive toasted biscuit flavor.

Arbeiter Brewing Side Hustle Milk Stout


Milk Stout

ABV 5.5% | 23 IBU | *Contains Wheat

This milk stout is the “Side Hustle” for our upcoming imperial stout. Commonly known as second-runnings or a parti-gyle beer, excess wort from the imperial stout was used to create a second beer. Thus our imperial stout has a second gig as a milk stout, Side Hustle Milk Stout!

Due to the limitations of the brewhouse, we could only fill the kettle halfway from a full mash tun to attain the concentration of sugar desired to make the imperial stout; so to make a full batch, we had to mash and collect the most concentrated wort twice, while filling the boil kettle once. The second runnings from each mash were diverted to a holding vessel, then brought together in the boil kettle after the imperial stout wort was boiled.

Long story short, it was a 20-hour brew day that yielded full batches of a 13% ABV Imperial Stout as well as a 5.5% ABV Milk Stout. We also figured, “why re-invent the wheel?” – milk stout on nitro has proven to work well, we hope ours is enjoyed!


Very pleasant sweet milk chocolate with notes of high percentage cacao dark chocolate.

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet chocolate mingles with delicate roasted malt flavors.

Bramble On


Blackberry Wheat Ale

ABV 4.3% | 31 IBU | *Contains Wheat

I got to Bramble On and find the beer of my dreams.

A bright, slightly citrus-tart, and sessionable wheat ale with blackberry. The blackberry fruit puree is 100% real fruit grown in the Los Andes mountains of South America.

Inspired by the end of summer/early fall when blackberries are in season, this simple yet unique wheat beer with real blackberry puree added is the perfect way to kiss fall goodbye and reluctantly say hello to winter in a refreshing way. The base wheat ale was a bright and clean beer with coriander and lemon peel added to the boil to incorporate bright, citric, and slightly tart notes, as well as some earthy spiciness from the coriander, to enrich the blackberry puree that was added after the beer was finished.

Tart and earthy aromas of freshly picked forest blackberries along with lemony-citrus notes.

An inviting real blackberry flavor introduces you into a refreshing tartness of subtle lemon all atop a fluffy mouthfeel.

Acid Factory - Gose


Gose with Sabro Hops

ABV 4.4% | 16 IBU | *Contains Wheat


Arbeiter’s first Gose!

Gose is a traditional sour and slightly salty wheat beer flavored with coriander. Our Gose features the Sabro hops which add a citrusy pop to the already tart sour flavor profiles. Gose evolved around the town of Goslar in central Germany and takes its name from the Gose River, which was naturally saline from the mineral-rich aquifers in the area. Brewers added coriander with its spicy citrus flavor to balance some of the saltiness on the palate. 

| Aroma |
A lactic/citric tartness with some gentle fruitiness and an almost imperceivable saltiness.

| Flavor |
A subtle saline flavor on the periphery of the palate gives way to a clean tartness of the lactic acid blended with the citrus of the coriander.

Arbeiter Brewing - Collider


Fruited Hazy Double IPA

ABV 9.3% | 26 IBU | *Contains Wheat

A  Collaboration With Venn Brewing Company 

Venn’s first collaboration at Arbeiter!! We played to both breweries’ strengths and decided to make a literal and figurative mouthful!  Venn brings a wealth of hazy IPA knowledge and playing with fruit puree experience to the table, while we at Arbeiter have been playing around with dip hopping a bit, so it was a natural decision to make what we call, Collider!

FDHDDHHDIPA. “Fruited Dip Hopped Double Dry-Hopped Hazy Double IPA” —  That’s a mouthful and the silliest acronym ever assembled! Venn had been very interested in using curuba fruit which is in the passion fruit family. Yellow in color, it’s lovingly called the banana passion fruit, it has a papaya-like earthy richness and tropical tartness as well, perfect for a big ‘ol hazy! Azacca, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops were used for their tropical and fruity and mango flavors that played nicely with the curuba fruit. This beer was truly a collision in technique, ingredients, and breweries. A collider of a collaboration!

A tropical menagerie!! The uniquely tart/sour/tropical Caruba fruit blends into persistent tropical Hoppiness.

A tangy richness with notes of curuba, of course, as well as mango, mandarin orange, and tangerine. The mouthfeel has a bit of pleasant mealiness from the combination, er, collision, of the curuba fruit with a hazy double IPA body.

Arbeiter Brewing  Sessionista - Session IPA



ABV 4.7% | 23 IBU


Like the cool breeze of fall amidst the chaos of autumn events like going back to school, Oktoberfest, beer releases, and pumpkin spice everything, we bring you Sessionista. A clear, crisp crusher featuring Callista hops, Sessionista is a reset button, a pause, a low ABV beer so you can step back into the chaos and not miss a step.

Callista hops are a new German-grown variety with parentage to the classic fresh-cut hay, floral, and earthy Hallertau Tradition. Callista exhibits stone fruit aromas along with these more traditional hop elements. 

Light and clean aromas of peach and alpine flowers. There is the classic and distinct herbal noble hoppiness as well. Some berry notes emerge as the pour warms.

An unassuming body carries gentle hop flavors of apricot with some grassy notes. 

Hammerhead Hazy IPA


Dip Hopped Hazy IPA

ABV 6.9% | 50 IBU | *Gluten Reduced

We hazed up a more traditional IPA style and then we utilized dip-hopping – this practice increases hop aromatics and will maximize biotransformation.

Hammerhead is a real banger! Smashing its competition! A beer you’ll want to pound!

This was recipe was partially designed by our friend who’s an investor and an avid homebrewer. The stars aligned and we were able to brew the beer on his birthday. He has been making a similar American IPA at home for several years that showcases the Amarillo, El Dorado hop varieties, and a featured rotating hop. The hop variety showcased in Hammerhead is Ekuanot.

Aroma: Classically citrusy/sweet orange hop aromas with underlying apricot, pine, and fresh-cut grass notes.

Flavor: Soft and inviting malt sweetness upfront with a very gentle grain huskiness on the finish that ties in nicely with citrus flavors of Hammerhead’s flavor profile beautifully balances old-school IPA bitterness with new-wave hazy juiciness. The original recipe is more of a classic American IPA and the 50 IBU’s attest to that. The dip-hopping introduces a bit of a modern twist by amplifying the juicy intensity of the chosen hop varieties. The combination of a lighter and cleaner American 2-row barley malt with a richer, sweeter, and fuller-bodied English pale malt provides more of the old-school IPA malt character that carries the bitterness well but isn’t overtly expressed in the overall flavor profile.


Vanilla Chai Porter

ABV 5.5% | 24 IBU | *Contains Wheat

The spice must flow! Chai-Hulud is a Porter whose name shall only be spoken of in awe and respect — it’s a beer eternal.

A light-bodied black beer flavored with real vanilla and an in-house chai spice blend. It’s our answer to the pumpkin spiced beers of the season and we think you’ll really like it.

Aroma: Classic clean malty aromas of fresh A chai-tea aroma with strong impressions of clove, nutmeg, and star anise with some cinnamon and vanilla notes.

Flavor: A vanilla essence welcomes you into the flavor profile that is all things chai tea. Surprisingly and wonderfully balanced, this light drinking porter is sessionable and very enjoyable to drink.



ABV 5.0% | 39 IBU

An historic style originating in the Rhineland region in Northern Germany – specifically the town of Dusseldorf, Alt (meaning “old”) is a nuanced and delicate ale that is brewed like a lager. Esters from ale yeast are all but absent; light and sweet, almost nutty malt flavors are balanced by just enough noble hop bitterness to make a well-made Alt a lovely sessionable brew. Our Altbier drinks light and clean with a bit of an assertive hop bitterness.

Aroma: Very slight and pleasant burnt caramel with hop spice, some darker dried fruit aromas like raisin, or date. Gently toasted biscuit or bready malt aromas.

Flavor: Equal balance of toffee malt sweetness and clean hop bitterness; dry finish of biscuit-like malt with pleasant herbal hop bite.



ABV 4.7%

The Arbeiter seltzer experiment continues on, and Mango Spritzig is our third installment! Made with real mango fruit purée, Spritzig Mango is a real thirst quencher

*Gluten Free



ABV 5.1% | 27 IBU

This pilsener slaps so hard, it’ll make you laugh. Haha Pils is our flagship pilsener. Haha Pils is the cleaner and more hop-forward pale lager you’ve been looking for.

Brewed in the Northern German tradition (thus the spelling with the extra “e” as opposed to “pilsner”), Haha Pils is cleaner tasting and more hop forward than it’s maltier brethren from deeper within the European continent. Our pilsener is brewed using the highest quality German pilsner malt and mashing techniques to ensure a clean and crisp malt profile. A perfectly complex hop profile containing earthy, grassy, hay, wildflower, and spicy fresh herbs demands your attention and makes you wonder why your glass is already empty.



ABV 6.9% | 72 IBU

West Coast meets Hallertau (hop growing region in Germany)! Westküst finds its way as an West Coast American IPA by enlisting a full array of German-sourced hops and malts.

The first of our “Bavarican” beer series, Westküst achieves an American IPA flavor profile by enlisting a full array of German-sourced ingredients. The blend of German-grown hop varieties employed provides a unique but familiar flavor profile that includes citrus, resinous, grassy, and some fresh herbal notes; not unlike what would be found in a traditionally made American IPA.


Light Ale

ABV 5.5% | 22 IBU

A beer for the people! A beer designed for those who are looking for just “beer”, as well as those looking for a palate refresher in-between hop, sweet, or sour bombs.

It’s the perfect first and last beer of your session. It’s light and balanced, with a restrained cracker-like malt profile and a hint of noble hop character.