Black is Beautiful – On Sale

An imperial stout developed by Marcus Baskerville, co-founder and head brewer of Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio

ABV 8.7%
IBU 65.2

We were fortunate to be asked to be a part of this collab by @ablebrewery. Being in the heart of the riots and revolution while seeing our neighbors lose their business but also justice being served was a surreal experience. Not being able to brew ourselves yet, it was a no-brainer to jump on this collab to raise money for not only local businesses that we lost but to empowering the black community and community-led safety initiatives to reduce reliance on police departments.

We all have a responsibility to step up and take an active part in dismantling the racist ideas and policies that exist in our society.

You can find this beer at Able’s taproom and at select beer stores where Able beer is distributed like Stinson Wine Beer & SpiritsCentral Ave LiquorsElevated Beer Wine & SpiritsSurdyk’sFalls LiquorHum’s Liquor, South Lyndale Liquor, and Ombibulous. Many more places can be found using Able’s Beer Finder.  

Westküst IPA

A West Coast styled India Pale Ale brewed exclusively with German-sourced ingredients.

 ABV: 6.9%
 IBU: 90
 SRM: 8

Malt: German Pils, Pale, Dextrine, Caramel Munich
Hops: German Magnum, Ariana, Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Calista
Yeast: Düsselforf German Ale

Inspired by the “old school” IPA flavors profiles from the west coast of the USA, Westküst achieves the vintage big citrus and resin hop flavors typically found with such classic American hops as Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, or Amarillo, but does so with clever usage of the aforementioned German-grown hop varieties. Magnum was chosen for its clean bittering properties; Ariana exhibits rich berry and resinous notes; Madarina Bavaria has intense juicy and sweet orange flavors; Mittelfrüh was chosen to impart German fresh hay/dried flower/“noble” qualities, and Calista is a lovely variety that has low bittering with a beautiful combination of old and new world aromas. Working together, this combination of traditional and modern German-grown hops wonderfully mimic what would be expected from a true American West Coast IPA hop profile. That hop profile might suggest a full body but like its American inspirations, Westükst has a clean but balancing, lightly bready, malt foundation. The relatively clean and versatile Düsseldorf German ale yeast strain allows those hops to shine, much like a clean fermenting American ale strain. We hope you enjoy our Westküst IPA, and locker hängen (hang loose)!!

Retired Collaborations

Glory Daze

A collaboration beer brewed by our friends at Bad Weather Brewing Company. Inspired by our favorite “classic” West Coast IPAs, this beer is clean and hop forward with a firm bitterness. Hoppy aromas of citrus, pine and resin emanate thanks in part to Zenia (Zeus) from Mighty Axe Hops.

Relive the style that got you into craft beer in the first place. Some will say it’s washed up, past its prime or already peaked.

Before the haze, there was the glory days… of the West Coast IPA.

In Arbeitration

A collaboration beer with our buds from BlackStack Brewing. This beer is like a futuristic hazy beer party-animal…like David Hasselhoff and Kurt Russell from Escape from New York.  Business banana in front, party hops in the back! Wild card Callista and Azacca hops mingle nicely with fun-loving barley, wheat, and spelt grains with the seriousness and efficiency of a banana-forward German Hefeweizen yeast.

Strawberry Cucumber Gose

A gose infused with Strawberry, Cucumber, Coriander, & Sea Salt. Tart, refreshing, and oh-so appropriate for summer drinking with friends. Brewed with our friends at Venn Brewing Company for Open Streets: Minnehaha

MALTS Domestic Pale, Unmalted White Wheat.

HOPS None.

YEAST Lactobacillus, Champagne.

OTHER Strawberries, Cucumbers, Sea Salt, Coriander.