On Tap

(Available 4/10)

Maibock/Helles Bock Lager

ABV 6.8% | 32 IBU
Maibock (“May” bock) is indeed a true bock but does not use any deeper caramel malts a bock would utilize and instead uses paler Vienna malt and decoction – making for a transition beer for when it’s still a tad too chilly to comfortably imbibe outdoors into the evening, but the sun still shines brightly into the taproom.

This year’s Maibock attenuated very well for us, resulting in very little residual sugar for a rather light body but it still has the delicious fresh bread and light caramel malt flavors from the decoction process.

Delicate sweet caramel maltiness with notes of gently toasted bread.  

The flavor follows suit from the aroma – a medium-light body carries rich and complex malt flavors of sweet caramel, and freshly baked bread, with notes of grain huskiness as well as some nuttiness in the background. The decocting process – boiling a portion of the mash to caramelize the sugars in the grist – creates a malt richness that when coupled with a clean fermentation, makes for a seemingly divergent effect that cannot be created by other brewing means.


Pale Ale

ABV 5.2% | 40 IBU
Inspired by THE classic American Pale Ale from a northern California brewery taking its name from the mountain range where it’s located. Arbeiter Pale Ale emptied the hop freezer with the classic grapefruit and pine of Centennial and El Dorado’s tropical fruitiness in the boil, then a generous dry hop charge of a publicly bred hop called Vista with sweet honeydew and juicy papaya characteristics.

A familiar blend of fruity hoppiness with subtle toasted maltiness.  

A smooth-bodied beer with a softness throughout that is complimented by juicy tropical and melon-like hop flavors.


Bourbon Barrel-aged Doppelbock

ABV 7.8% | 23 IBU
Barrel Aged Hermanator sat in a used bourbon barrel acquired from our friends down the street at Du Nord for about a year before being harvested and subjected to further aging in stainless to let the woody barrel notes mature into the beer. The result is a light-bodied base beer in lovely balance with mellow bourbon barrel-aged characteristics.

Familiar, gentle and welcoming bourbon barrel aromas of oak, vanilla, and cherry, with grain husk and soft caramel malt notes. 

Rich and complex malt flavors including toffee, caramel, and raisin from the base doppelbock, with subtle bourbon barrel flavor influences of oak and cherry. A faint touch of tart apple sweetness, and an even fainter bitterness may be perceived around the edges of the flavor profile.


Cold IPA

ABV 7.6% | 73 IBU

Hoop Jump is smooth yet has an intense tropical and pungent hop flavor reminiscent of passion fruit, and a bit of citrus, all followed by a warming and inviting resinous finish. The first sensation is of a very light beer on your palette, this is quickly overcome with hop oiliness, maltiness, and alcohol. This is what a Cold IPA is all about! We brewed Hoop Jump originally as a collab with Bad Habit Brewing in 2021!

A supernova of citrus and tropical hop aromas including passionfruit, grapefruit, and lime, along with bright cosmic dankness.

Smooth yet intense tropical and pungent hop flavors of passion fruit, and restrained citrus, all followed by a warming and inviting resinous finish. Since the alcohol content and decoction-derived malt flavors create an illusion of sweetness, Hoop Jump drinks “fuller bodied” than it actually is – while the first sensation is of a very light beer on your palette, this is quickly overcome with hop oiliness, maltiness, and alcohol.

BOWIE IN SPACE (Served in a can)

New Zealand Space

ABV 5.3% | 36 IBU

We wanted to use the same Italian-grown, German malted barley that we use to make Figurati with but our supplier unfortunately did not have it in stock. This prompted an analysis and discussion of the available pilsners malts and combinations thereof to most closely mimic the unavailable desired malt. As for the hops, we used both varieties that he used and similarly to how he used them, but we decided added a dry hop charge, something he did not do at home, in an attempt to amplify the hop profile.

Motueka is known for exhibiting sweet and resinous candied lime citrus properties; Nelson Sauvin has a distinctive gooseberry (think sour grape/rhubarb), white wine, and pine-needle earthiness.

A concentrated bouquet of classic New Zealand hop aromas of white wine, peach skin, and kiwi, with the signature “down under” dank pungency.

Oily hop gooseberry and piney/earthiness flavors balance with clean maltiness for a satiating experience on the palate. 


Prickly Pear & Passion Fruit Sour Ale
*Contains Wheat

ABV 5.4% | 25 IBU

A kettle sour brewed for International Women’s Day, with and by Arbeiterin, the women of Arbeiter!

Some fundraising from sales of this beer will be donated to the Planned Parenthood-North Central States. A woman has every right to her body and abortion is healthcare.

Bright acidic tartness mingles nicely with subdues fruity sweet notes

Clean lactic tartness gives way to a unique and delicious earthy fruitiness imparted by red prickly pear, with a passion fruit-sweet kiss on the finish. 

(Served in a can)

NA Mocha Stout

ABV <.5% | 20 IBU

This non-alcoholic beer was made with a special process from our friends at ABV Technologies that strips the alcohol from the beer itself

The removal of alcohol knocks the perceived sweetness down since the alcohol in a way acts kind of like salt in cooking – you might not taste it directly, but it indeed adds to the overall flavor of the finished product; that product is not the same without it!

* Contains lactose, caffeine

Subdued and pleasant candied orange hop Bold and boozy aromas of chocolate-covered raisin Medium roast coffee with woody/tobacco/cigar notes in the aroma.

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet Intense semi-sweet chocolate, date, and prune. Drier stout on the front end reminiscent of a 90% Cacao chocolate bar that finishes slightly sweeter with ample roastiness and a hint of coffee.



ABV 4.9%
*Gluten Free
A crisp and refreshing alternative to our beer offerings. The citrus flavors make this seltzer a real thirst quencher!

Sweet pomegranate with a hint of lime.

Clean and bright with a flavorful explosion of pomegranate and lime.

ARBEITER® BIER (Coming Back Soon)


ABV 5.4% | 18 IBU

A beer for the people! A beer designed for those who are looking for “just a beer”, as well as folks looking for a palate cleanser between hoppy, sour, and imperial beer.

Light fruity and almost pear-like.

Delicate sweet malty flavors with fruity ester notes from the yeast, followed by a very clean finish.


Northern German Pilsener

ABV 4.9% | 38 IBU

This pilsener slaps so hard, it’ll make you
laugh. Haha Pils is our flagship pilsener.
Haha Pils is the cleaner and more hop-

forward pale lager you’ve been looking for.

Brewed in the Northern German tradition
(thus the spelling with the extra “e” as
opposed to “pilsner”), Haha Pils is cleaner
tasting and more hop-forward than it’s
maltier brethren from deeper within the
European continent. Our pilsener is brewed
using the highest quality German pilsner
malt and mashing techniques to ensure a
clean and crisp malt profile. A perfectly
complex hop profile containing earthy,
grassy, hay, wildflower, and spicy fresh
herbs demand your attention and make
you wonder why your glass is already empty.

Balance of clean grain huskiness and floral hoppiness.

Clean malt profile from top to bottom; hop flavors are a mix of floral and hay with a hint of herbal spiciness.


Westcoast-Style “Bavarican” IPA

ABV 7.0% | 70 IBU

West Coast meets Hallertau (hop growing region in Germany)! Westküst finds its way as a West Coast American IPA by enlisting a full array of German-sourced hops and malts.

We call it, “Bavarican”, because Westküst achieves an American IPA flavor profile by enlisting a full array of German-sourced ingredients.

Apricot/peach pit, some tangerine and grass notes, and even some resinous green pepper aroma.

The blend of German-grown hop varieties employed provides a unique but familiar flavor profile that includes citrus, resinous, grassy, and some fresh herbal notes; not unlike what would be found in a traditionally made American IPA.