On Tap


Belgian Ale

ABV 4.8% | 15 IBU

Contains Wheat

This Belgian Witbier (white beer) was brewed in the Hoegaarden tradition with coriander and orange peel. Additionally, since we have the ability to step mash, we opted to use unmalted wheat and cereal mash to degrade the large proteins as well as gelatinize the unconverted wheat starches to make them available for conversion to fermentable sugars.

Distinct, complex, and classic witbier aroma profile full of spicy and fruity notes of pepper and orange, as well as a subtle floral perfume from the coriander.

A nuanced blend of white pepper-spice from the witbier yeast, subtle floral flavors from the coriander, and fruitiness from the orange peel, all followed with a crisp finish.

Your Opacity

Hazy IPA

ABV 6.6% | 30 IBU

Your Opacity is a juicy Hazy IPA featuring Idaho 7 and Cashmere hops!

Bold fruity aromas of lime, sweet apple, pear, melon, and pineapple.

A chewy yet smooth body carries the fruity hop flavors that the haze heads will love, with a perfect underlying “hop burn” flavor. 

Your Opacity Hazy IPA


Kölsch-Style Ale

ABV 4.6% | 24 IBU

A German pale ale originating in Köln (Cologne) that is brewed much like a lager making for a very clean, crisp, light, and refreshing beer.

a delicate union of floral and fruity noble hops with a faint malty sweetness.

Very light bodied with clean floral hoppiness up front that gently yields to a restrained malt finish. 

Yuzu Shandy

Yuzu Lemon Pilsner

ABV 4.5% | 37 IBU

Arbeiter’s first shandy! We started with a foundation of Haha Pils and some tart, citric lemon puree, then built up yuzu citrus flavor and some sweetness to balance it all out.

Sugar-coated lemon hard candy, kind of like Lemonheads!

Assertive citric tartness composed of bitter yuzu pithiness with clean lemon flavor juxtaposed with confectioner’s sweetness from a sly addition of Belgian soft candi sugar. A lovely swirl of flavor with a pleasant citrus aftertaste that brings you back for sip after sip.


italian Pilsner

ABV 5.0% | 38 IBU

An exceptionally crisp, heavily-hopped pilsner. It’s delizioso!

A perfect summer beer, the hop bitterness keeps your elbow bent the crisp clear pilsner body keeps you refreshed with each sip.

Pairs well with your favorite meals, especially those saucy, bready, triangular Italian meals!

Subtle honey malty aroma blended with a uniquely lovely aromatic hop bouquet of apple, papaya, sweet apricot, along with some woody cedar and eucalyptus notes.

Hop-forward flavors representative of both Ekuanot and Callista including cedar/sage/eucalyptus, grassy/citrus flavors, as well as some stone fruit-type flavors. Clean bitter finish.

Acid Factory

Peaches & Cream Sour Ale

ABV 4.9% | 15 IBU

A “pastry” kettle sour flavored with peach. 

A fun little beer that was in part inspired by orange sherbert push-pops, but with peach puree and apricot flavoring. Acid Factory Peaches & Cream delivers a satiating drinking experience in a well-balanced and clean beer.

Gentle peach with lactic and citric acid aromas.

Clean peach sweet fruitiness balances with a bright lactic tartness, atop a full-bodied smoothness from the generous application of unfermentable milk sugar.

Arby Lime


ABV 5.4% | 18 IBU

A beer for the people but with lime and specifically for the summer! A beer designed for those who are looking for “just a beer”, as well as folks looking for a palate cleanser between hoppy, sour, and imperial beer.

Light fruity and almost pear-like.

Delicate sweet malty flavors with fruity ester notes from the yeast, followed by a very clean finish and refreshing lime punch.


ABV 5.4% | 14 IBU

Traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewed with a unique and characteristic yeast strain that imparts phenolics of clove, banana, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Distinct and classic weissbier aroma full of clove, banana, and vanilla notes.

Welcoming notes of vanilla and subtle banana sweetness perfectly balanced by a rich and smooth clove spiciness; you may detect a faint orange citrus note from the light-handed use of Cascade hops this year.

Arbeiter Brewing - Hefeweizen

Reclaim – Nitro

Australian Sparkling Ale
ABV 5.3% | 32 IBU
COLLAB with The Black Brewers Podcast

Reclaim is back in 2024, a Juneteenth collab with the Black Brewers Podcast! BBP’s brewer, E, brought us the idea of brewing up an Australian Sparkling Ale for the collab. Australian Sparkling Ales are an effervescent pale ale that is made with Australian-grown hops. Reclaim has approachable woody and earthy hop characteristics earthy with nuanced fruitiness and a dry finish.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Black Youth Healing Arts Center.

Largely from the Pride of Ringwood dry hop addition, Reclaim! has vintage hop aromas of a cedar-like woodiness with maybe a hint of tobacco, mixed with a faint yet familiar citrus note.

Reclaim! has a light and highly palatable body that greets you with a sweet citrus note that yields to  a woody earthiness that the dry finish of the beer enhances. Reclaim! is quaffable, it’ll go down easy on the patio! My suspicion (and hope) is that as Reclaim! matures, it will round out a bit and lose some of the earthy dryness.

Tropical Spritzig


ABV 4.6%
*Gluten Free
A crisp and refreshing alternative to our beer offerings. The tropical flavors make this seltzer a real thirst quencher!

Sweet mango, passion fruit, and coconut.

Clean and bright with a flavorful explosion of mango, passion fruit, and coconut.


Northern German Pilsener

ABV 4.9% | 38 IBU

This pilsener slaps so hard, it’ll make you
laugh. Haha Pils is our flagship pilsener.
Haha Pils is the cleaner and more hop-

forward pale lager you’ve been looking for.

Brewed in the Northern German tradition
(thus the spelling with the extra “e” as
opposed to “pilsner”), Haha Pils is cleaner
tasting and more hop-forward than it’s
maltier brethren from deeper within the
European continent. Our pilsener is brewed
using the highest quality German pilsner
malt and mashing techniques to ensure a
clean and crisp malt profile. A perfectly
complex hop profile containing earthy,
grassy, hay, wildflower, and spicy fresh
herbs demand your attention and make
you wonder why your glass is already empty.

Balance of clean grain huskiness and floral hoppiness.

Clean malt profile from top to bottom; hop flavors are a mix of floral and hay with a hint of herbal spiciness.

Westküst – Coming Back Soon!

Westcoast-Style IPA

ABV 7.0% | 70 IBU

West Coast meets Hallertau (hop growing region in Germany)! Westküst finds its way as a West Coast American IPA by enlisting a full array of German-sourced hops and malts.

We call it, “Bavarican”, because Westküst achieves an American IPA flavor profile by enlisting a full array of German-sourced ingredients.

Apricot/peach pit, some tangerine and grass notes, and even some resinous green pepper aroma.

The blend of German-grown hop varieties employed provides a unique but familiar flavor profile that includes citrus, resinous, grassy, and some fresh herbal notes; not unlike what would be found in a traditionally made American IPA.