On Tap


Kölsch-Style Ale

ABV 4.7% | 25 IBUA

German pale ale originating in Köln (Cologne) that is brewed much like a lager making for a very clean, crisp, light, and refreshing beer.

Delicate union of floral and fruity noble hops with a faint malty sweetness.

Very light-bodied with clean floral hoppiness upfront that gently yields to a restrained malt finish. 


German Blonde Ale

ABV 5.4% | 18 IBU

A beer for the people! A beer designed for those who are looking for just “beer”, as well as those looking for a palate refresher in-between hop, sweet, or sour bombs. 

It’s the perfect first and last beer of your session. It’s light and balanced, with a restrained cracker-like malt profile and a hind of noble hop character

Light fruity pear-like aroma.

Delicate sweet malty flavors with fruity ester notes from the yeast, all followed by a clean finish.



ABV 5.0% | 36 IBU

Aurum Glow is an unfiltered pilsner that is crisp with a nice lemon flavor and a full body. Brewed with the German Aurum hops and the North Star Pils™ malt that’s perfect for these traditional lagers.

A Keller Pils is simply an unfiltered pilsener. Keller is German for “cellar” so when a beer is thusly termed, it means it was taken from the cellar, often when the beer is younger/greener than when the beer would normally be served. 

A spicy and somewhat woody aroma rides sidecar to a clean citrus oiliness.

A lovely crisp lemon/lime hoppiness modestly takes center stage with the pleasant malt sweetness in a strong supporting role.


Italian Pils

ABV 5.2% | 34 IBU

Figurati is an exceptionally crisp, heavily noble hopped pilsner. We used the Ekuanot hop variety because of its unique and versatile aromas and flavors. It has new age but “old school” citrus characteristics but also has very fun and interesting “new-age noble” qualities.

Bright and sweet malt aromas reminiscent of honey and pear, as well as the quintessential Subtle honey malty aroma blended with a uniquely lovely aromatic hop bouquet of apple, papaya, cedar, bay leaf, and eucalyptus.

Hop-forward flavors are representative of the unique Ekuanot variety including cedar, bay leaf, sage, as well as some berry and lime flavors. Clean bitter finish.



Arbeiter’s Maibock is here! A truly delightful beer to bring in the Spring. Our Maibock is decocted delivering a complex flavor profile not achieved by regular brewing methods. The slightly stronger lager has notes of bread, grain husk, caramel, and bright noble hops. It also boasts a beautiful dark golden color. A ‘must drink beer’ of the spring! 

The unmistakable and intensely lush Delicate sweet caramel maltiness with notes of gently toasted bread. 

The flavor follows suit from the aroma – a fairly light body carries rich and complex malt flavors of sweet caramel, freshly baked bread, with notes of grain huskiness as well as some nuttiness in the background. The decocting process – boiling a portion of the mash to caramelize the sugars in the grist – creates a malt richness that when coupled with a clean fermentation, makes for a seemingly divergent effect that cannot be created by other brewing means.



ABV 6.2% | 26 IBU

An ale inspired by Bienenstich, or German Bee Sting Cake; the cake is two layers of a dense yeast cake with a vanilla cream frosting/custard/filling in between and topped with a honey and almond mixture.

The beer is a light-colored ale brewed with honey, lactose (milk sugar), and aged on whole, sliced vanilla beans.

We used Vienna malt with its sweet, bready, biscuity, honey, and almond flavor notes along with a puffed wheat malt (as well as the pilsner malt) to create the cake base; the toasted oat malt with its rich nutty character is intended to emulate the caramelized almonds in the honey glaze on top of the cake.

The lactose that went into the boil teamed up with real vanilla beans once the beer was clarified and carbonated to provide the vanilla filling component.

The generous quantity of honey of course satisfied the honey glaze/topping which is central to the cake’s namesake.

Finally, even the flavor profiles of the hop varieties that were chosen play into the overall cake and beer flavors – Ariana has berry and some citrus aspects to it, while Mandarina Bavaria is a tangerine machine (thanks BSG for that phrase) with distinct sweetness, used with the hope that it could amplify the orange blossom honey flavor

Aromatics from all the main components listed can be found in the nose on Bee Sting – sweetness from the malt and honey, vanilla, even a creaminess underlying and tying the aroma together.

A light bodied and clean malt profile with a bright but restrained sweetness and a subtle nutty smoothness allows the delicate flavors of vanilla and honey to be gently experienced; all this with a delicate hop finish.



ABV 4.8% | 16 IBU | *Gluten Free

Our latest Spritzig Seltzer is here! Strawberry Spritzig is refreshing as all get out, and is now being served in pints!

Strawberry! There’s nothing else in this seltzer!

Effervescent with a balanced strawberry flavor.

Acid Factory - Gose


Gose with Sabro Hops

ABV 4.4% | 16 IBU | *Contains Wheat

Arbeiter’s first Gose!

Gose is a traditional sour and slightly salty wheat beer flavored with coriander. Our Gose features the Sabro hops which add a citrusy pop to the already tart sour flavor profiles. Gose evolved around the town of Goslar in central Germany and takes its name from the Gose River, which was naturally saline from the mineral-rich aquifers in the area. Brewers added coriander with its spicy citrus flavor to balance some of the saltiness on the palate.

A lactic/citric tartness with some gentle fruitiness and an almost imperceivable saltiness.

A subtle saline flavor on the periphery of the palate gives way to a clean tartness of the lactic acid blended with the citrus of the coriander.



ABV 6.9% | 72 IBU

West Coast meets Hallertau (hop growing region in Germany)! Westküst finds its way as a West Coast American IPA by enlisting a full array of German-sourced hops and malts.

The first of our “Bavarican” beer series, Westküst achieves an American IPA flavor profile by enlisting a full array of German-sourced ingredients. The blend of German-grown hop varieties employed provides a unique but familiar flavor profile that includes citrus, resinous, grassy, and some fresh herbal notes; not unlike what would be found in a traditionally made American IPA.

COLD IPA w/ Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brewing


ABV 7.4% | 69 IBU

This Cold IPA bursts with the aroma of lemon and citrus, and rides on a backbone of Rahr North Star Pils. Marcus Baskerville, the creator of the “Black is Beautiful” initiative, and Arbeiter Brewing founder, Juno Choi, created a friendship based on solidarity and their shared experiences in the brewing industry.

Pronounced lemony citrus with earthy, grassy herbal aromas, along with hints of woody herbaceousness. 

Light and clean malt flavors up front followed by moderate grassy/citrus hop oil and alcohol. 


Belgian IPA

ABV 8.1% | 54 IBU

A collab? A friendly competition? A collabpetition? It’s a Crosstown Classic of epic proportions. Two of your favorite breweries on either side of the Mighty Mississip’ teamed up to bring you TWO cool new beers born of the same wort!

For our Belgian Battle, we brewed up a massive Belgian over at Bad Weather that was used for their incredible huge 10.3% Belgian Double IPA. The beer was so incredibly massive we shipped 10 barrels of unfermented wort back to Arbeiter to make our own, massive in its own right, 8.1% Belgian IPA. Can it get any bigger? Yes. Both Belgian IPAs were dip hopped which accentuates the hop aromas and flavors! *DROOL*

A beautiful blend of citrus and grassy hop aromas with the unmistakable peppery phenolic and slight fruitiness of this particular Belgian yeast strain. 

Very clean-tasting for this type of beer, expect Belgian yeast-driven flavors of floral spiciness with a fresh grassy and mild citrus hoppiness.



ABV 7.4% | 23 IBU

Whirling and twirling with the stars in the sky to that infinite jam of epic…erm whatever. We made this New England IPA with the Australian, Galaxy hop, as well as the Zamba hop — Cosmic, meet Dance!

Tropical and citrus notes about in our new hazy with flavors of Pineapple and orange. Dry-hopped for the IPA stans out there

The unmistakable and intensely lush tropical aromas of passionfruit and ripe citrus from Australian Galaxy are prominent thanks to a hefty dry hop charge!

A soft oaty mouthfeel carries mellow bitterness and subtle hop flavors of pineapple and orange. A very clean finish leaves you wanting more!

Arbeiter Brewing Citralus Double IPA



ABV 8.1% | 30 IBU | *Contains Wheat

A low-IBU dip hopped double-strength IPA with Citra and Talus hops.

Citra, meet Talus, Talus, meet Citra. Oh! You two like each other, you’re getting along great!! Talus is a newly named hop variety from the Hop Breeding Program and delivers bold flavors of grapefruit rind, pine resin, and a creamy coconut-like richness. Citra is of course is a fresh citrus and tropical fruit bomb, often referred to as an “Easy Button” for a phenomenal hop profile. Hop heads will love it!!

A profile just dripping with tropical and citrus aromas along with some strawberry, pine resin, and woody herbal notes.

Citralus greets you with citrus rind and woody sage notes that move into a coconut cream flavor then finishes with hop leaf bitterness.

Arbeiter Nacht Rider



ABV 4.9% | 23 IBU | Contains Wheat

Schwarzbier (Black Beer) is arguably one of the hardest styles to brew. It is very dark brown to black in color; the source of dark color in beer is roasted malts which, naturally, in part roasted flavors. A Schwarzbier should arguably have NO roasted flavors! Nacht Rider is brewed in the Bavarian Schwarzbier tradition, showcasing Munich malt flavors with a medium but smooth body.

Lightly roasted coffee beans, bakers chocolate, freshly made caramel.

Clean and smooth caramel/toffee, dark bread, and light roast coffee flavors. Some say the mark of a very well-made schwarzbier is that if you close your eyes, it shouldn’t taste like you’re drinking a dark beer. This version comes close but has a touch too much chocolate flavor.



ABV 6.9% | 69 IBU

Our dip hopped Black IPA (IT’S A CASCADIAN DARK ALE!) has a hop-roast-hop flavor rollercoaster of pungent piney hops and clean, fresh-brewed coffee-like malt roastiness. We teamed up with some other southside breweries to create a fun collab idea and to keep us connected as friends!

A lovely and “classic” Cascadian Dark Ale nose composed of piney hops and roasted malt  

A hop-roast-hop flavor rollercoaster of pungent piney hops and clean, fresh-brewed coffee-like malt roastiness. 


Nitro Milk Stout

ABV 5.5% | 23 IBU

Frugality was the inspiration for this milk stout. We had decided to make a monster of an imperial stout for the winter as well as for more barrel aging but making wort with very high sugar contents is inherently wasteful. We decided to save the wort that still has plenty of sugar in it to be useful, wort that would have just been dumped down the drain. This wort is referred to as “second runnings” – the sugar content of which would have diluted the highly concentrated wort desired to make the imperial stout, but still with plenty of sugar to make a beer with moderate alcohol content. Due to the limitations of the brew house, we could only fill the kettle halfway from a full mash tun to attain the concentration of sugar desired to make the imperial stout; so to make a full batch, we had to mash and collect the most concentrated wort twice, while filling the boil kettle once. The second runnings from each mash were diverted to a holding vessel, then brought together in the boil kettle after the imperial stout wort was boiled.

Very pleasant sweet milk chocolate with notes of high percentage cacao dark chocolate. 

Light-bodied and smooth; velvety semisweet chocolate mingles with delicate roasted malt flavors. 


Pumpernickel Rye Ale

ABV 5.2% | 15 IBU

Pumpernickel is the direct result of finding inspiration anywhere. We wanted to potentially make a dark/sweet/roasty German porter/ale of some sort but were coming up a little short on what the flavor profile should be. Our brewer went home that evening with an open mind and as soon as he looked in the fridge and saw his favorite bread, he knew what to brew. The slightly sweet dark rye bread has long been tied to the Westphalia region of Germany; so making a beer version of pumpernickel bread with German ale yeast originating from Dusseldorf seemed like a no-brainer. In addition to a generous percentage of rye malts in the mash, molasses and dark brown sugar were folded into this brew to make for a uniquely tasty beer.

Fresh baked bread with a warming molasses spiciness. 

Crisp yet rich bready mouthfeel on a blend of brown sugar, rye and molasses. Spicy and sweet; dry, yet full.


Imperial Stout Aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels

ABV 9.7% | 63 IBU

Arbeiter’s first imperial stout, became Arbeiter’s first barrel-aged beer! The base imperial stout was a bit of a kitchen sink beer as far as all the specialty malts in this big beer but in the end, it equaled a very palatable and rich imperial stout with all the dark chocolate and roasted coffee one could ask for.

After fermentation was complete, we allowed the entire batch to sit in a conditioning tank for about a month to allow the deep flavors to mature together before laying it down into the magical wood that comes from the Buffalo Trace Distillery rickhouses.

The borderline bitter baker’s chocolate, burnt caramel, dark roast black coffee, and even some black cherry and/or blackberry flavors all come from the extensive combination of all the malts. The vanilla, oak, brown sugar, and deeper dark fruit notes all come out of the barrels. The final result with a beer like this is always greater than the sum of its parts.

The unmistakable and intensely lush tropical aromas of passionfruit and ripe Deep and complex aromas of chocolate, oak, toffee, vanilla, even the faintest hint of smoke


A soft oaty mouthfeel carries mellow bitterness and subtle hop flavors of pin Foundation tastes much like it smells, rich and decadent chocolate, vanilla, and oak notes are prominent; however the fluffy smoothness from those special barrels give the flavor profile indescribable characteristics; it’s just simply delicious. Like most all big and complex imperial stouts, these flavors will become more pronounced and deeper as the beer warms.