About Us


Arbeiter Brewing is really the means to an end for a few guys who are passionate about beer and have been working in the local beer industry for many years. We’ve experienced a lot of trends, conflicts, successes and even some failures in the craft brewing industry. And as the dust is maybe juuuust starting to settle, we are able to see how our expertise and passion would fit in perfectly in the Twin Cities beer community as well as the greater craft beer community as a whole.

Arbeiter Brewing Company is a startup craft brewery and taproom to be launched in 2019. It will offer highly approachable American ales and lagers with a hefty dose of German influence. But don’t let that fool you, craft beer is built on the creative genius of our brewers and there will be no shortage of fantastic experimental beers as well.  Our beer will be of pristine quality, and will be presented as a homage to the hard working blue collar class of The North and beyond.


Juno Choi: A founder of regional craft beer festivals and marketing manager of a leading brewing ingredient supplier with fifteen years experience in sales, distribution, and marketing in the craft beer industry. Juno is the multi-faceted glue that will tie everything together.
FAVORITE BEER: german pils
FAVORITE BAND: talking heads
BEARD STATUS: clean shaven
PET STATUS: 2 cats named simon, and mischka

Josh Voeltz: An award-winning home brewer with nearly a decade of experience in operations, product development, and supply chain management. He’ll be running operations at the brewery, making sure we’re facing the right direction and staying afloat.
FAVORITE BEER: anything with rye
BEARD STATUS: 2 inches
PET STATUS: A Blue Heeler named Ari, and 2 cats named Nuggets and Verna

Garth Blomberg: An accomplished graphic designer with nearly a decade of craft brewing industry marketing experience. He’ll be leading the way with our design, as well as working on marketing, events and promotions.
FAVORITE BAND: anything from Swami records
PET STATUS: 2 cats named Animal and Henri

Aaron Herman: Lead brewer for the past five years at Minneapolis’ award-winning Town Hall Brewery. Aaron has also completed the Brewing and Malting science course administered by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas in the fall of 2017.
FAVORITE BEER: _____________
BEARD STATUS: short burns, long Beard
PET STATUS: 1 cat, named Piper


Bier, Beer, Cerveza, Pivo, Birra – whatever you want to call it, it’s of the utmost importance to serve the most refreshing, highest quality beer we can produce. Even with a focus on clean, German style beers, we’ll hardly be contained to one style. We plan on letting our patrons / brothers & sisters in beer holding arms to help guide the evolution of the brewery. Constantly striving to be creative, classic, clean and committed to producing the best beer in MN. Are we going to serve a boring old IPA? Absolutely, but we won’t be resting it on our laurels. There’s no such thing as bad style of beer, or a played out style of beer, only delicious beer that you love drinking and we’re making it.